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"Designs that Delight " 
Tucson Lifestyle Home & Garden, December 2010

"Sustainable landscaping can be stylish" 
By Greten Hakanson, The New Southwest, November 2010

"Ideas for pots that will hit the spot" 
By Elena Acoba, Arizona Daily Star, Sunday, Aug 22, 2010

"Sundrea's Art Pool" 
By Rochelle Greayer, StudioG Blog, August 2010

"Ask a Green Thumb: Mistletoe Removal" 
Tucson Home Magazine, 2010

"Get Xeri-ous!" 
By Debby Larsen, Tucson Lifestyle Home & Garden, Oct 2009

"Consider adding misting system, fountain to yard"
By Rosie Romero, Tucson Citizen, March 27, 2009

"Patio Flooring 101"
By Elena Acoba, Tucson Home Magazine

"Southwest Specialties"
By Jenny Boyle, Landscape Contractor National

"Patio Paradise" 
Tucson Lifestyle Home & Garden

"Ask a Green Thumb: Plants & Flowers to Attract Hummingbirds" 
Tucson Home Magazine

"Color in the Desert"
By Bridget White, Livescapes, Sept/Oct 2008

"Award-winning landscapes" 
Tucson Lifestyle Home & Garden, May/June 2007